I wish we were building together again. It was such a pleasure working with you.
— BW
I would like to endorse West Construction to anyone considering construction of a home. Your assistance in all phases of the design and making adjustments due to discrepancies in the plans I had drawn were outstanding. The suggestions you made to accommodate some things we failed to consider up front contributed positively to the completion of a truly beautiful home.

Other areas of specific good service were that the house was completed on schedule. Any follow up work after the move was handled expeditiously by the subcontractors through your efforts. The quality of the house after two years had been well above expectations and should be well into the future.

In conclusion, Ed, Your professional approach and attention to details made what can be a difficult task a much more enjoyable experience. If in the future I build another home, I will most definitely use West Construction.
— CB
Being an engineer, educated to strive for better design, quality and reliability in any product, I decided to have my first home custom built. My father, a retired custom home builder, assisted me in evaluating several companies before selecting West Construction and Development Co., Inc.

West Construction was selected for the outstanding quality, competitive pricing and timely completion of the custom homes they had built, as revealed by the owners. Although professionally trained to take on the challenge of project management, I was a novice in home construction and associated contracting and subcontracting activities. It did not take long to realize the extent of effort necessary to get things started and keep them going. Fortunately, my selection of West Construction paid off. Mr. Ed West, president, was available to provide expert assistance from the planning and design stage through completion and moving-in. My home was completed on schedule, as designed, and within allocated budget, without unexpected cost increases or additions, in spite of some last minute changes in design details.

I have been living in my custom designed and built home for over a year. I have encountered very few problems associated with my new home, all which have been resolved promptly either directly by or through the assistance of West Construction, showing their strong dedication to customer support after the job completion.

Overall, building this custom designed home with West Construction has been a comfortable and commendable experience which I intend to repeat in my future homes.
— MH
I feel I must write this letter to help dispel the idea that building your own home is an exasperating and traumatic process. Prior to building our home, many friends advised us against building a custom home. The standard line was that custom homes were expensive (hard to stay in budget) and frustrating to build.

Our custom home building experience was entirely enjoyable and we feel we got an outstanding bargain. Both of these benefits are due almost entirely to your experience, cooperation and hard work.

Your suggestions and work in the planning/drawing stages of the house convinced us we had selected the right person for the job. Thanks to your suggestions, we were able to include in the early planning stages energy saving ideas and custom details we had not even considered.

The cost plus fixed fee arrangement we had with you worked very well. We were able to stay within our budget, even with upgrades. You discussed all bids thoroughly with us and your recommendations for subcontractors were excellent. In particular, your selections for cabinet and trim subcontractors were outstanding. We have highly recommended them to our neighbours and friends.

As you know, several custom homes on our block were started about the same time. We were extremely pleased and proud to be the first home finished and were able to move in ahead of our scheduled completion date.

In summary, we appreciate your innovative suggestions and your overall attention to quality and detail. It resulted in a home we are very proud of and enjoyed building.
— RK
Diane and I are delighted with the job you did for us on our DC Ranch house. We imagine the house’s many round and curved features were a challenge to build, but it came out beautiful. Your sub-contractors were nice people and conscientious craftsmen; your foreman was helpful and easy to work with. Everything went better than we could have hoped.
— JS
My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to commend you for the excellent work you did in constructing the two-bedroom addition to our home in Mesa, Arizona. In expanding the size of our home to 3400 square feet, and with the quality of work done, we were able to achieve a significant appreciation in our home’s value. From an esthetic viewpoint, the addition was so well integrated that it looks like it was part of the original house.

We had struggled for quite a few months to come up with a floorplan that we thought would work, as well as be reasonably affordable. With your help and perseverance in obtaining cost effective bids for the work, we were able to afford the add-on that we wanted, at a time when our family had just expanded by two (our twin daughters) and space was getting pretty thin.

We are still enjoying the benefits of this addition, and thank you very much for a job well done. It was a pleasure working with you.
— DD
I wanted to thank you for your excellent re-model on my home. Now that the dust has cleared I have the opportunity to start to enjoy the house.

The workmanship has been great. I also appreciate your sticking to your schedule and reliably showing up when you said you would.

Hopefully we can plan a kitchen re-model in the near future.
— GR
The purpose of this letter is to list the reasons a person should hire Ed West to build their custom home. I have experience with custom home builders because I went through the ordeal of having a custom home built in 1981. After this trying experience and then watching two good friends have their own custom homes built by Ed West, I feel qualified to list the attributes to look for in a custom home builder.

Honesty and Integrity: Luckily, the builder we chose in 1981 had these qualities, because without them a home owner can lose much sleep and money. I have known Ed West for 13 years and during this time I have always admired his steadfast honesty and integrity. Ed always does what is right and not cut corners when approached with a problem while building a home.

Knowledge: The typical home builder obtains his knowledge throughout years of experience. Put in a more honest context, this means he has obtained his knowledge through years of making mistakes. Most home builders do not have the technical knowledge necessary to figure out when a particular project is being done incorrectly.

Ed West is a registered Professional Mechanical Engineer with the state of Arizona and has 15+ years of technical experience. Ed’s college education included classes in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) ; Heat Transfer; Electrical Engineering; and Structures. Ed applies these fundamentals while building a custom home. With these fundamentals , he can assure the home is structurally sound and also makes educated recommendations on the best heating and cooling systems and insulation packages for your home.

Persistence: This is the quality that most builders lack. My builder lost interest in the project as it went along and I ended up doing his job the last 2 months. I’ve heard this complaint from a number of custom home owners. Ed stays with a project from beginning to end. Ed does not make mistakes when he is building a home.

In closing, Ed has been a good friend for the last 13 years. I’ve always depended on him to help out whenever I’ve called on him. I know that building a custom home is the culmination of a dream for most people, I know it was for me.
— GL