Scott took over as President of West Construction & Development Co., Inc. in 2015.  He is proud and honored to have brought the company back into the West Family.  Scott is a third generation native Arizonan and has watched the Valley of the Sun grow and expand.    Scott grew up with the company; learning about the different trades and absorbing all aspects of the construction industry.  He has worked on job sites with his dad, Edward, since he was ten years old.  The University of Arizona was his first stop after graduating from Desert Mountain High School.  Scott then transferred to Grand Canyon University and graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  Throughout college he continued to work part time for West Construction. Scott also worked part time during his college years for a large publicly traded company and was hired into their management development program after graduation.  Five years of experience in that industry taught him much about big business including that working for a large, international company was not consistent with his long term goals and aspirations. In 2009 Scott started his own company buying, remodeling, and either selling or renting out the newly refurbished homes. He obtained his real estate license in order to more thoroughly understand the real estate market.  Through this process Scott re-discovered his love of the custom construction end of Arizona real estate.  Scott is very artistic and creative which serves him well regarding the vision and development of a potential project.  His analytical side and financial experience serve him well on the business side of construction.  Scott is committed to continuing the quality and integrity upon which West Construction was founded over 30 years ago.  He looks forward to making his own mark on the landscape of the Valley of the Sun!



Ed, the original founder and owner, was President of West Construction & Development from 1986 until 2010. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona.  Ed worked on a variety of projects for Garrett Air Research/Allied Signal for 13 years.  While working full time he began a small construction company which eventually became West Construction & Development Co., Inc. in 1986.  His background in engineering is one of the reasons why West Construction is known for high quality, customized homes whether it is new construction or a remodel.  Ed semi-retired from daily operations in 2010.   He is currently involved as a consultant and advisor.  He is proud of Scott’s knowledge, strength of character and commitment to the legacy of building high quality custom homes for the best clients a company could have!


Dave has worked for West Construction & Development Co., Inc. since 1995. A Paradise Valley City Inspector told Ed that he thought Ed and Dave would be a good team.  He was right!  Dave came to us with extensive experience in the construction industry and now has more than 35 years of supervisory knowledge and experience. A gifted wood and metal craftsman, he builds beautiful one-of-a-kind accessory and jewelry boxes in his spare time. Dave is meticulous, personable, and talented. He is a big part of West Construction’s ability to provide excellent personal, on-site, supervision of all its projects.  He is also a big part of the West Construction family!



West Construction & Development Co., Inc. decided to computerize their office in 1989. Ayshea came to train Ed and Beth West as a subcontractor to the construction software supplier. Training Ed’s wife Beth to use the software must have been so challenging that she went out on her own and started her own company, Computer Insight.  She has been our part time bookkeeping-software and accounting expert and consultant ever since.  Ayshea customizes our software to fit our needs, audits and establishes accounting processes and procedures, and compiles all the necessary information for our Certified Public Tax Accountant.  She has the British equivalent of a CPA certification and has extensive experience with construction contracting business practices. Ayshea Fu is a stickler for honest, correct accounting, tax, and business practices.  Her vast knowledge keeps us all in awe (as well as legal)!