At West Construction we’ve helped with numerous bathroom remodel and construction projects. In McCormick Ranch, a mix of single-family and estate properties, we helped a family remodel a single-story, ranch-style property (patio home), to meet the needs of the couple who wished to stay in the home as they aged.

Because accessibility was the biggest concern for this client, we started with constructing an expanded, open, tiled shower with built-in seating. The updated colors and materials made the space feel more modern, while adding storage and efficiency to the floor plan.


We made several other changes to this home to add accessibility and make updates. One of the biggest changes we made was removing the sunken areas of the home to make everything one level. We also removed the hallway laundry and built a new attached laundry room to give the couple a bit more room. We removed the outdoor terrarium that was in the middle of the home between the kitchen and living room allowing us to expand and open up the kitchen. We also enlarged her closet and added a closet for him. To see all of the “before” and “after” photos of the home, click here: McCormick Ranch.  

In our Laurel Lane project we worked with the homeowner and Janet Brooks Design for a unique petrified wooden sink and furniture style vanity. The design elements of the room are enhanced by the old-world tile detail on the walls.


In the master suite, the design team created gorgeous double vanities with an additional seated vanity, creating a truly luxurious space. With the groin vault ceiling details and chandelier, this bathroom feels opulent but not overwhelming or unable to be used in day-to-day life.


Choosing to update a bathroom (or kitchen) can be a very transformative decision for a homeowner and we’d love to help you achieve your vision. Please contact us for more information and recommendations of local design and architecture firms.